Rates are based on how many children and what age each child is!

* The rate listed is the base rate for one child of that age group.
* The rate you are quoted can be broken down on request, but is the same system for every client.
* Depending on the number of children and what ages they are, another sitter may be required for safety reasons.

Infant Care

Infant refers to a child that is under 12 months old AND not walking yet! According to state regulations, I may only watch up to 3 infants by myself.

Rate = $20+/hour

Toddler Time

A toddler refers to a child that is at least 1 year old AND walking to 5 years old AND fully potty-trained!

Rate = $18+/hour

Child's Play

Child refers to someone who is between 5 and 10 years old AND fully potty trained!

Rate = $17+/hour

I'm a Big Kid Now

Adolescent refers to anyone 10 years old and up! Any special needs or care that may be required will NOT affect your rate, just be sure to let me know beforehand!

Rate = $16+/hour

Transportation Service Fees

Need help dropping off or picking up little ones from school, daycare, sports, extracurriculars, etc.? I can help with that as well!
1 Destination = +$0.50
2 Destinations = +$1.00
3 Destinations = +$1.50
4 or More Destinations = +$3.00 

**Appropriate carseats must be provided by parents to put in my car, or otherwise a car that contains appropriate carseats must be provided for obvious safety reasons.

Overnight Service Fees

Have a weekend getaway planned? An event out of town, perhaps? You can rest easy knowing I will care for your little ones overnight!
1-3 Little Ones = $100
4-5 Little Ones = $150
5+ Little Ones = $200
Overnight hours begin 1 hour after children go to sleep and end 1 hour before they wake up in the morning- don't worry, I'll keep track! It also only applies if I stay in the home until the morning when the littles wake up!
**This only voids if children are up and down all night; i.e. infant doesn't sleep through the night, toddler gets up several times, etc. In that event, I will charge the hourly rate.

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