About Miss Laura!

My Experience

*Dana K's in-home daycare - After-school Helper - 3 years
*Treehouse Learning Center - Teacher Aide/Floater, then 2.5-3.5-year-old Lead Teacher - total 1.5 years
*Primrose School of Wichita West - Young Toddler Assistant Teacher - 10 months
*The Independent School ELC - Infant/Toddler Rover, then Younger Ones Teacher - 7 months
*Private Nanny/Full-time Babysitter since July of 2021!

My Education

I attended Maize High School and graduated in 2018. I went to Wichita State University for 1.5 years for a Bachelor's in Music Theatre, but I was working in a preschool at the time and loved it so much, I decided to take some time off school to figure out what I wanted to do. I ended up going back to school in August of 2021; now I attend Southern New Hampshire University completely online! I am pursuing a Bachelor's in Psychology with a concentration in Child and Adolescent Development!

Am I looking for full-time work?

I am very fortunate to already be working as a full-time nanny, so as of right now, my availability is after 4pm! But I am always willing to take on new after hours babysitting families!

FOrms of Payment

I can of course take cash or paper check! I also have a Venmo: it's @LilMissLauraLee . I do not currently have any other form of payment app set up, but rest assured that if I ever do, I will update this section!

My Hobbies

I love anything creative! Painting, crafting, sewing, singing, dancing, you name it! I love music theatre and a big passion of mine is performing! I also have a love of language; I want to learn as many languages as I can!

My Discipline Style

Conversations & Correlated Consequences!
♪ I start with age/developmentally appropriate expectations for behavior!
     ☺ A 15mo may bite when teething or feeling big emotions; it is not developmentally appropriate for a 4yo to bite. **Exceptions for neurodivergence apply.
♪ I discuss boundaries first, and always explain why.
     ☺ “We may not throw our toys, they could break or hurt someone.”
♪ I explain what I see them doing and ask questions to redirect their attention/guide them to a better alternative.
     ☺ “Ooh, I see that you want to jump off the chair. That doesn’t seem safe- is there something we can jump off of that is safe?”
♪ If they continue the undesired behavior, I state what their consequence will be as I follow through.
     ☺ “You are throwing food on the floor, that tells me you need to be all done. Let’s get down from the table and wash our hands!”
♪ Big feelings are expected, so I name them and teach ways to get out those feelings. I offer comfort or space if they need it. I stick to the boundary, and when the child is calm, I redirect to another activity.
     ☺ “I can see that made you angry. Let’s stomp our feet to feel better.”
     ☺ “What are you feeling right now, friend? Sad? What can make you feel better? A hug?”
♪ All of my consequences are correlated to the behavior (I don’t really do rewards or taking away unrelated privileges.)

Other things you might like to know!

*I am fully COVID-19 vaccinated (and also all the other vaccinations)!

*I like to have an age/developmentally appropriate balance between independent playtime and purposeful/learning playtime!
*I love setting up one or two small activities during the day that focus on skill development, including:
     - Fine Motor Skills
     - Gross Motor Skills
     - Language/Literacy
     - Math Skills (patterns, counting, 1:1 correspondence, etc.)
     - Science & Sensory
     - Social-Emotional Skills
     - Music and Cultural Enrichment 
*If kiddos get sick the day I am supposed to babysit, all I need is a heads-up at least that morning and a full, honest account of their symptoms! Because I am already a full-time nanny, I reserve the right to cancel if the children are sick, at no penalty to you!
*I am okay with pets, although I am mildly allergic to some dogs. This hasn’t really presented an issue in the past!
*I have a lot of experience and knowledge that I am super willing to share with you!